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Sand Dunes

Luke Pisani 

"I love working with Julia as an accompanist for important performances and competitions. Julia is an excellent player technically and enjoyable as a collaborator. She is very responsive to my requests and playing, and brings many ideas and suggestions of her own. She gives me honest feedback that complements what my teacher suggests and makes me a better player. And if I make a mistake, she covers flawlessly!  With Julia on piano, I go into auditions confident and relaxed. We’ve also had success together -she accompanied me for several winning competitions.”

Laura-Jean Diekmann

"Julia is an incredible accompanist. I hired her to play for my vocal studio recital of 20 students. Each graduating Senior performed three songs and all other students performed one. There was a ton of music that Julia prepped for and played beautifully. Some of the pieces were quite difficult and she handled them with ease. Julia is wonderful to work with: reliable, pleasant, kind and flexible. One of my long-time student’s also had her own personal recital where Julia played. It was absolutely beautiful! I would highly recommend working with Julia.”

Shannon Nance

I’ve had the pleasure of Julia accompanying my violin students (of varying levels) on many occasions. Her artistry is evident in all her interactions with my students in her mastery of the piano part and attention to detail.  Julia offers constructive comments which have helped the students achieve better performances.  Recently, an advanced student had the opportunity to collaborate with Julia on Debussy Sonata, culminating in an extremely successful performance of the entire work. Julia’s professionalism and dedication to the project, (which required preparing on very little rehearsal time), contributed to one of this student’s most significant musical experiences to date.

Elizabeth Kunz

“You are an incredible pianist and accompanist and we could not be more grateful. Wow, what a beautiful night of music!!”

Serena Yang

“Ms. Lin is a wonderful pianist and artist. Learning a piece on your own can be difficult, and learning to play the piece with an accompaniment can often be even more challenging. Ms. Lin has always made this process very easy for me, however. She notices even the smallest details that may need improvement and work, and she makes sure to utilize rehearsal time efficiently so that everything is beyond well-prepared before performances. Ms. Lin is also very receptive and sensitive to constant changes and adjustments to the music: tempo, phrasing, and dynamics. 


With each rehearsal and performance, I find myself learning more about the music through playing and growing as a musician thanks to Ms. Lin's suggestions and ideas. It has been both an honor and a pleasure to work with Ms. Lin and create beautiful music!”

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